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Welcome to my racesim game related website. Here you can find and (when done) also download my car add-ons (so called mods) for games like GTR2, GT Legends, Race07 / Race Injection or rFactor.

Racesim game related downloadable stuff

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Its 100th anniversary of the First World War. Try my mini game project No Mans Land: Warrior.
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LATEST NEWS (april 2016)

Asseto Corsa modding - Le Mans Classics mod

Some new screenshots... the GTL/GTR2 Porsche 907 LH, 917 K (1970) and 917 LH (1969) at Asseto Corsa:


LATEST NEWS (november 2015)

Asseto Corsa modding - F1 Legends Racing - Beagle T1G

A few another screenshots... the GTL/GTR2 Beagle T1 in Asseto Corsa:

Asseto Corsa modding - Ferrari

A few another screenshots... the GTL/GTR2 Le Mans Classis - Ferrari 330 P4 in Asseto Corsa:

Asseto Corsa modding

Well, Ive started to learn Assetto Corsa modding. Here are two images which presents, how does look our Shooting Star ingame.
The car is a simple conversion attempt, the source is our GTL/GTR2 Speed Racer project.





Which racesim game you play mods mostly?

GT Legends (174 | 36%)
GTR2 (210 | 44%)
rFactor (52 | 11%)
rFactor 2 (0 | 0%)
Assetto Corsa (9 | 2%)
Latest days I am trying to learn Assetto Corsa (AC) car modding. Here is my first attempt fooatage, the Porsche 907 LH originaly from our  Le Mans Classics mod (GTL/GTR2). Ive used smallblockheros AC Porsche 908K car add-on as a template. The second image is our Ferrari 312B converted for a testing into AC by smallblockhero.
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